How are the flats equipped?

Each flat has a simple bathroom with shower, W.C and sink with ample storage space. All bedrooms have comfortable beds with (almost) new mattresses. For children, the twin beds can be split into two single beds. The bedrooms are all spacious and have large wardrobes for your brought clothes. We provide the beds with linen and clean mattress protectors. We have different types of duvets so that guests with allergies can also get a suitable duvet. There is a set of towels for everyone, which can be changed on request. Bath towels are not supplied as standard, so you may need to bring your own.

The kitchens are well equipped with a wide selection of pans, cutlery, crockery and other kitchen utensils. There are ovens, coffee makers (filter and caffetiera), kettles and toasters. No dishwasher or microwave oven. All kitchens always have a neat stock of basic cooking ingredients (sooo stupid if you even have to go buy the salt first) and you'll also find coffee, tea and sugar already there. You don't need to buy your own cleaning products either, and we provide clean tea towels and towels. Furthermore, we usually have something to borrow, like a hair dryer or an iron, or a hand blender or special pan.

We are coming by plane and won't be in time for the supermarket before coming to you. What to do?

No problem. Just let us know in advance if you arrive on a late flight. We'll go through your breakfast requirements together and we'll put some things there for you at cost price. After you are awake and have had breakfast, you can go to the shops for the rest of the shopping at your leisure.

Is there a washing machine in the apartment?

There is a small washing machine in the laundry room below the flats which guests may use free of charge for a holiday wash (biodegradable soap powder is provided by us).

Is there TV or a music system?

No. We think people generally don't feel the need to spend much time watching TV on the couch during the holidays. And that in turn saves an ugly device in living rooms. Besides, everyone has a tablet, speaker or laptop these days: with the WiFi we offer, you still won't miss much.

What are the booking rules, can I cancel free of charge?

Booking is preferably via the site. After receiving the booking, we will first confirm the reservation, and then send you a request for a deposit within two weeks. After receiving the deposit, the booking is confirmed and can no longer be cancelled free of charge. 

We assume that guests who book with us have made a considered choice to stay with us. Therefore, we never cancel last minute, unless there are really important reasons. Because people always book so far in advance, it is almost impossible for us to get a flat occupied last minute. This results in a financial loss for us. This is why we advise everyone to take out cancellation insurance in advance anyway.

But: there is always a mutually satisfactory solution for everything. Finding it exciting to book very far in advance? Then ask if you can take an option, in some cases we can allow that. It depends a bit on which flat and in which period. Is there something unpleasant in the personal sphere that prevents you from coming on the date you wanted, and would you really like to come another time? I'm sure we can find a way around that too. Just get in touch via email or call us, and we'll talk about it.

Are there shops and restaurants nearby?

Polmone's greatest charm is its remote location, in the middle of nature, at the end of a 3km gravel road. There is absolute silence (well, you can hear bees, birds and crickets). So for shopping and restaurant visits you will always have to get in the car.

The flats have a well-equipped kitchen (with some basic cooking utensils), which is why we always advise guests to stock up at the big supermarkets 35 minutes away at the beginning of their stay. Being able to cook for yourself means you don't have to leave the house every time. 

Most restaurants are also a 30-45-minute drive away. Our advice is to combine restaurant visits with sightseeing in the region. Have a sumptuous lunch in a medieval town and then descend to your flat in the late afternoon for a drink in the evening sun or a refreshing dip in the pool.

Are there any cycling or walking routes we can explore?

You could combine a stay at Polmone with trips to stages of The Saint Francis Trail that runs from Rome to Assisi, and beyond. There is plenty of information about these stages online. Also, 20 minutes away is the Parco dei Sette Frati, with several routes in the park that can take you a morning or afternoon. Anyway, from Polmone you can already take an adventurous, because not signposted, walk through the immediate surroundings.

Around Lake Trasimeno there is a newly constructed cycle path, which is very well manageable with an ordinary touring bike. If you want to make trips in the direct surroundings, a (electric) bike with sturdy tyres and a bit of fitness is a must.

On Komoot, a site for the walking and cycling community, you can find lots of beautiful routes in the area, with all the useful info. You can read up beforehand, and we also have some useful guides in the flats.

Do the flats have air conditioning?

No, there is no air conditioning. We really think that is a waste of energy. We prefer to use the electricity generated by our solar panels to keep the pool clean and cool in summer. The apartment building was built centuries ago with very thick walls that keep it well cool inside. During the day you keep things tightly closed and at night you open the windows to let in the cool night air. There are fans everywhere though. 

And how do you heat flats in early spring and autumn?

There are effective wood-burning stoves in all the flats, which you may stoke yourself as hot as you like with wood we supply. So it is not automatic, but for people who like to enjoy making a fire, it will not be a punishment. The beds are then covered with woollen or down blankets and bedspreads, and for the really cold ones there are mattress warmers.

Do you have high chairs and/or cots?

Yes, we have a high chair for the little ones, and a fold-out cot with mattress of 60cm by 105cm, which we can add in a bedroom if required. This does not incur any additional costs.

Is the pool suitable for small children?

Our 5-by-10-metre pool is 150cm deep everywhere. There is no lifeguard for supervision, so children under 12 are not allowed in or around the pool alone, even if they already have their swimming certificates. If there are very small guests walking around, we close the entrance gate in such a way that small hands cannot open it

Is there enough to do for our children?

Of course, that depends a bit on the children themselves and what you want to achieve for them. For some children it will be too boring here, even if there is a swimming pool. But if your kids can entertain themselves well with reading, playing games, gaming, walking or crafts then we think they will have a pretty good time. At least there is good WiFi in all the flats, because in this day and age that is a must if you want to please the youngsters 😉

Can we bring our dog?

Dogs are definitely welcome with us! Right outside our fence, you can take them for a nice quiet walk.
We just don't have facilities for it, such as baskets or blankets, so you have to bring your own. The dog can sleep inside, but preferably not on the sofas or bed; this is to prevent guests with allergies from being bothered by them later.
Your dog may run loose on the grounds around the flats, preferably not around our house as we have 3 cats.
If you are afraid that the dog still cannot control itself to chase the cats or the other guests, take a very long leash with which the dog can then be put on a pole.
Most restaurants around here also just welcome (quiet) dogs.

Can I skip the cleaning fee if I clean very well myself before I leave?

No, we won't, we like to keep the final cleaning in our own hands. 

What is clean is different for everyone. Apart from that: cleaning also means running, hanging and putting away a lot of laundry; taking away rubbish, cleaning refrigerators, restocking, making beds. We should first let the cleaning guests know what to do and then check on them. In other words, it takes us just as much time, and in that time we would be better off cleaning ourselves.

So we just ask that you leave it vacuum-clean, with the fridge empty and the barrels done, and we do the rest.

Are there other costs, not listed on the site?

No, not really. Use of the washing machine, wood in winter, a nice drink on arrival. It's all included in the rather sympathetic price. 


"Polmone tourisme verde is at least as nice and more beautiful in real life than on the website. Beautiful location, Sylvia and William are nice, caring managers. Lovely villages, towns, good restaurants in the area. For us it was just top."
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