Discover the authentic taste of Umbria: Olive oil tasting with a local producer

Umbria, the green heart of Italy, is known for its rolling hills, picturesque villages and, of course, delicious olive oil. The region has a long tradition of olive oil production, dating back to the Etruscans and Romans. Today, Umbria is home to hundreds of ... Read More

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Festivals and Palios in Umbria in summer 2024

We are quite often asked if we have any original tips for activities in our area. The better-known tourist attractions in Umbria are familiar to seasoned Italy-goers by now, and then it is nice to go and see something unique ... Read More

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Best things to do in Umbria: 8 tips

Umbria, the green heart of Italy, is a must-visit with its beautiful hills, olive trees and vineyards. It is nice and quiet here, perfect for those who want to escape the hustle and bustle. You will find a mix of Etruscan, Roman and medieval history. Highlights here include searching for truffles, tasting wines, and many hilltop towns and festivals. We have asked Hans of Read More

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On the hunt for treasure in Umbria: flea and antique markets

Our beloved region of Umbria offers an abundance of natural beauty, medieval towns and a rich history. But behind the lush hills and charming villas lies another fascinating attraction: a world of second-hand and antique markets with a history all its own. From major antique fairs to second-hand markets in small towns, these hidden gems offer you a treasure hunt full of unique finds and cultural experiences. Read More

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The Truffle Hunters

Deep in the forests of il Piemonte (in the northwest of Italy), a dwindling group of spry old men and their faithful four-legged friends hunt for the most expensive ingredient in the world: the white truffle. They are the last of their kind, guardians of a way of life that is rapidly disappearing in the modern world. Read More

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Wines in the Umbria region

(This article is taken from the Gazetta of Polmone, the blog written by Roos Zwager on the previous Polmone Turismo Verde site) Read More

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Sustainability at Polmone

2023: When we took over Polmone several sustainable features were already in place. The house is equipped with a heat pump and solar panels. This heats the floor and the shower water. Drinking water is scarce in this area so there are still ... Read More

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