We would like to introduce ourselves

We are Sylvia and William, the new owners of Polmone Turismo Verde since June 2022, and in this photo we are still sitting on our little roof terrace in the busy city centre of Leiden. Until a few years ago, we were both working in aviation in the Netherlands. When we booked a little week in apartment Cinema here in November 2021, we knew Polmone would be sold. We wanted to visit Roos and Nico, the previous owners, one more time before they moved to the Netherlands. Unexpectedly, during our walks in the area, we started seriously dreaming about what it would feel like to live here permanently. In the months that followed, those dreams became more and more solid and then suddenly the time had come; we could take over Polmone! A very exciting time followed, in which we suddenly had to arrange everything and we could get used to leading a completely different life from the one we were used to until then. In this new existence for us, we want to make sure that our guests, new and hopefully also regulars, will have a good time on this green hill in the heart of Umbria. The concept remains unchanged; offering a wonderful base from which to discover the area with its beautiful historical towns, or to do nothing at all, and enjoy the tranquillity offered by the old farmhouse and the surrounding nature. Whatever you want to do here: Polmone is guaranteed to be 100% stress relieving!

Following the rhythm of nature

In the hectic pace of the past year and a half, in which several lives were shifted, we can enjoy the small and larger things in and around our house. Waking up in the morning with mist in the valley from the rain shower of the day before. The busy buzz of the many bees visiting the small yellow flowers that are still open in the morning hours. A curious fox walking across the dewy lawn and the chirping of the many birds announcing the day. In the evening always a different sunset and the cows that are changing lawns. At night there is an extremely clear starry sky where you can even see several star nebulae with the naked eye.

A place to catch one's breath again

We also want others to experience the Polmone feeling. Polmone is a place where many people have found peace of mind. Where you can make a start to turn your life around as happened to us. An authentic place where you can and may be yourself. A sustainable holiday destination. Polmone is not just a nice place in the middle of a hill, it is also a place that is partly self-sufficient. 34 solar panels were installed in 2014 and there is a heat pump to keep the house warm in winter and for showering. Solar boilers on the appartments help with hot shower water and delicious drinking water comes from a private well 126 metres deep under the house. In 2023, we installed a charging station so that we can also serve guests with an electric (rental) car. In this way, Polmone tries to leave as small a CO2 footprint as possible.

What are your wishes for a wholesome holiday?

Whatever you want to do on your holiday in Italy, a place where you feel at home is very important. Polmone is just such a place. A lovely base for a brisk walk, city trip or a visit to your new favourite restaurant. Or, which many guests also do, stay here and relax by the pool with a good book. Polmone will make you forget all the stress and stay with you as that wonderful place where you didn't have to do anything at all and where you could relax. At least this is how we experienced Polmone during our frequent visits, and the chance to continue our lives here felt like winning the lottery!

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